About us

Our Mission:

We take a lead in mobilizing local communities and marginalized groups in order to enhance productive living and community development.


Our vision is for peaceful, vibrant, resilient, knowledgeable and productive communities in Sri Lanka as the key to a sustainable future.


What is Ourpower-ourfuture?

Ourpower-ourfuture is a non-profit organization committed to improving socio-economic conditions, health and nutrition and livelihoods of the poor, backward classes in marginalized communities.  The need for an organization to speak for powerless people in communities and districts that are not in the mainstream of the social fabric of poor communities and developing countries has given rise to Ourpower-ourfuture. The setting up of the organization is a result of over 30 years of work in the area of research and action in such marginalized communities in less developed countries such as Sri Lanka.

Ourpower-ourfuture engages in applied research, action programs and policy and advocacy in collaboration with civil society organizations and community partners to promote social justice, equity, and inclusive governance in a multiethnic, multicultural setting in numerous fields including health, development, and education.

Besides, but more importantly, we work with such poor communities to empower them, to support them to stand on their own feet.