Ongoing Projects

We are working with poor communities in tropical and sub-tropical countries who suffer from a newly identified disease known as the Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology or CKDu. The cause of this disease in South Asia is polluted drinking water.  The water polluted with environmental toxins make people sick of CKDu. In these communities, people face many challenges; lack of access to clean drinking water is a challenge.  Not having dialysis facilities for kidney patients in these poor communities contribute to a death toll of thousands of people each year. In families whose breadwinner is either sick or dead of CKDu face many problems as they lost the family income source. Children in such families do not attend schools or dropped out of schools.

Ourpowerourfuture provides assistance to families with school dropouts in kind and cash to send the children back to schools.  We are aiming at helping 1000 families with school dropouts in the next two years. Our program will provide school books, utensils, shoes, and bags to such children in the identified families. The package given to a family of one kid would cost USD 30 which amounts to SLR 5000.

We invite wellwishers and donors to contribute in small ways to accomplish this goal. If you are willing to host a family with school dropouts we make arrangements to link the affected families with the donors.